Two Cops

This one is a gem, folks. Even though there hasn’t been a lot of hype surrounding it and it didn’t get an outstanding rating on, I absolutely loved this show! Get this… a dedicated cop and a swindling conman share much more than just a past in the comedy/crime Kdrama Two Cops. After his … Continue reading Two Cops


This drama is good, very good. So good, in fact, I’m baffled as to why there’s not more hype surrounding it. If you like crime/action/thrillers Lookout (aka Guardians) is a definite must see – 100% entertainment. Did I mention it’s good? When the law can’t, or won’t, punish the criminals responsible for the death of … Continue reading Lookout

The K2

In 2014/2015 Ji Chang-Wook kicked some serious bad-guy ass in the action-packed drama Healer.  Lucky for us he’s back, this time as a mercenary turned bodyguard, and once again evil doesn’t stand a chance in The K2.   Betrayed and framed for the murder of his girlfriend in Iraq, an ex-PMC soldier is on the … Continue reading The K2

Neighborhood Hero

Wouldn’t be great if every community had a Neighborhood Hero – a Shadow that went around helping people, righting wrongs, and keeping the peace?  Well that’s exactly what this exciting, action Kdrama is about.  The neighborhood hero kicks ass, just like the show. Baek Shi-Yoon is an ex-intelligence agent fresh out of prison and ready … Continue reading Neighborhood Hero