Moorim School

I was expecting a cross between Dream High and God of Study but the only thing I can really compare this Kdrama to is maybe… X-Men.  Moorim School is definitely an original – original storyline, original setting, original super power.  It didn’t have me craving the next episode but I was entertained the full 16 hours. I’ll … Continue reading Moorim School


Healer is downright captivating – a great story that was put together well and executed with precision.  It definitely ranks right up there with the best of the best.  This is something anyone can enjoy.   There’s enough exciting action, mysterious past to unravel, and tender romance to suit even the pickiest Kdrama watcher. Imagine a … Continue reading Healer


I had heard Iris was a pretty popular show but I put off watching it because I was enjoying romantic comedies at the time.  I’m glad I didn’t wait too long.  Now I know why it’s such an acclaimed Kdrama.  Iris is one kick-ass show!  It should be dubbed in every major language in the … Continue reading Iris

City Hunter

Lee Min-Ho’s character, Lee Yun-Seong, in City Hunter is a cross between John Rambo (in the first 2 episodes) and Jason Bourne (in all the remaining ones).  He’s utterly amazing!  There’s pretty much nothing that character can’t do!  There’s a cool scene in a locker room where he fights a bad guy. Maybe “fights” isn’t … Continue reading City Hunter