Revolutionary Love

4 thoughts on “Revolutionary Love”

  1. I started to watched the drama as well and it was really funny in the beginning, but then I started hating it with passion around episode 5 or so and dropped it. The whole situation and the Hyuk character were too stupid for my taste. How many accidents can one person cause? Funny how you mention Chief Kim, because Chief Kim is my favourite comedy drama. I love Namgoong Min, he is great in comedy. But Chief Kim was clever. Even though he acted crazy, the crazy was for a cause, he always had a plan. But great review, fun to read about your opinion!


    1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy Revolutionary Love like I did. Not many readers let me know what they think about a particular drama and whether or not they agree with my review. I like to think that if you often disagree with me, at least my reviews can still be useful in helping you decide what to watch – if I like a drama, you’ll know you won’t like it. Thanks for letting me know your opinion on the show! Please keep commenting. I hope you’ll find all of Heart & Seoul’s reviews entertaining and informative.


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