2 thoughts on “Train”

  1. I know its the same actress but the Universe #1 FL is so much better than Universe #2 FL.
    Universe #2 FL just maintains this confused buried furrow/eyebrow look for the most of the time.

    Also it would have been nice if they had given Universe #2 ML much more depth. He ended up just another plot point for Universe #1 ML.


    1. I agree with your observations 100%. I felt the same way about Universe #2’s Han Seo-Kyung. She was more stern/hard even in her physical appearance but that just emphasized the more difficult life Universe 2’s Seo-Kyung had. Good acting and good directing there. I kept waiting for the storyline to include more of Universe #2’s Detective Seo Do-Won or at least give us a detailed background of his life but we’re never given more than tiny tidbits. I wanted to know when/how the guy began straying from being a law abiding police officer to being a law breaking drug addict/corrupt cop.


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